Custom Meat Processing

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Custom Meat Processing

in Santa Fe, Texas

Do you love hunting but aren’t sure what to do with your kill? Deer hunters in the Santa Fe, Texas area trust their meat processing to Doreck Meat Shop. Bring your meat on over and we’ll take care of everything so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labors.

You’re sure to be impressed with Doreck Meat Shop’s excellence in custom meat processing. We can cut and prepare your meat as you like, giving you access to your meat just as you like it. Enjoy steaks, roasts, pan sausage and smoked sausage in the quantities you desire. When you bring your game in, our friendly staff will be happy to talk you through the options so that you can pick the cuts and preparations you’d like. Choose from a variety of sausages to be prepared, spicy or mild, and specify your preferred cuts.

At Doreck’s, we take custom meat processing seriously, and make every effort to ensure your satisfaction. To do so, we only process game meat one animal at a time so that you receive 100% of the meat you brought in, no mixing. In addition, we allow only our most experienced butchers and professionals dress, butcher and cut your meat for the best results. With over 45 years of experience in custom meat processing, our staff are more than capable of handling your game. Rest assured that no meat will be wasted as our skilled staff are capable of cutting precisely in the correct fashion to ensure that your meat is tender, well-cut and delicious.

Hunting season is a breeze with the help of Doreck Meat Market. Go out and enjoy the season, bringing your game to Doreck’s so that you can enjoy the meat prepared just how you like it. Call today for more details or stop by and our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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